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Content Marketing Manager

Posted on 2020-04-27
Product Marketing
Quick Facts:
  • Experience: Mid-Level
  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: North America
About the opportunity:

About the role:

Your mission? r/hundreds/thousands

The software world has been neglecting this problem for so long that they’ve become callous to the pain of data import. Traditionally the challenge has been involving a non-technical user in something that, at its core, is a very technical problem. Flatfile has found a solution to the problem - something we call data onboarding - and we need to tell the world, quickly!

“Content marketing” at a company of this stage is intentionally broad. You’ll be grinding out draft outlines one moment and interviewing customers the next. You’ll be designing content for CEOs and CSMs, engineers and designers. Practically speaking, some of your responsibilities will include:

-Developing a content strategy aligned with short- and long-term marketing targets -Creating content to enhance the Flatfile brand and support the company's value propositions -Managing content projects involving both internal teammates and contractors -Re-purposing and updating existing content and creating new content to engage with target markets -Working directly with growth marketers to create, edit, publish, optimize, distribute, and promote content pieces to generate new business -Maintaining a content calendar containing all content initiatives and opportunities Your success will be dependent on your enthusiasm for the problem space, ability to learn about the market quickly, and deft balancing of strategic and tactical initiatives to drive customer awareness and adoption of Flatfile. You’ll work closely with Flatfile’s executive leadership and play a pivotal role in the growth of our business. And you’ll fail, but you’ll learn from your failures and teach others along the way.

What you get back:

Practical and valuable experience at a rapidly growing startup

Significant responsibility and exposure to executive-level decision makers

Competitive salary and commissions

Full health, vision, and dental benefits

Full 401k with company matching

Flexibility to work from home (or Bermuda!)

About the company:

At Flatfile, we’re creating beautiful, human-centric experiences to remove the barriers between people and data. We’re automating every repetitive and painstaking process involved in teaching machines what data is and where it should go.

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