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Product Marketing Manager-SaaS Applications

Posted on 2020-04-27
Quick Facts:
  • Experience: Mid-Level
  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: North America
About the opportunity:

What Expel can do for you -Give you a platform to unleash your creative potential, taking chances as you seek new ways to tell our story and find new customers -Surround you with collaborative sales and marketing teams that know the act of creating a long-term customer starts with building trust -Surprise you with the capability of our team and our willingness to creatively support your efforts -Give you the opportunity to shine as you scale what we’ve already built, and open new directions for us to explore to create as many customers as we possibly can

What you can do for Expel -Develop top-notch messaging, selling tools and go-to-market plans -Translate technology features into clear messaging that fosters engagement with our potential customers -Immerse yourself with our customers and potential buyers so you understand their stories, what motivates them and why -Join with our marketing programs team to craft awareness and demand-generation programs that help us can beat our pipeline, revenue, awareness and customer happiness goals -Run product launches, from soup to nuts -Train sales to deliver our story ... beautifully using the sales materials, presentations, datasheets, white papers, case studies and web copy you've built -Learn our competitors inside out so sales can walk tall when they face them and product management can close any gaps that customers care about

What you should bring with you -Examples of compelling positioning, messaging and sales tools that you're proud of -A deep understanding of product marketing approaches, processes and associated tools -Empathy for sales and a bias for sales messaging that "cuts through the marketing fluff" and leaves jargon on the cutting room floor -Strong project management skills and the ability to effectively drive multiple projects with tight deadlines with minimal oversight -A strong understanding of information security is ideal but a passion to learn and examples where you've been a quick study will do just fine -Communications skills that make your audience "get it" whether they're reading what you wrote or listening to what you say -Ideally, training/certification in Pragmatic™ Marketing -A Bachelor’s degree or a compelling story -4+ years of experience in a product marketing role

About the company:

We create space for you to do what you love about security (even if it's not thinking about it).

Transparent managed security: 24 x 7 detection, response and resilience

We’re eliminating the black box within which managed security service providers (MSSPs) operate. You can see and use the same interface our analysts use to deliver our service. There’s no “internal analyst console.” There’s no curtain to look (or hide) behind. With Expel, if you’re ever wondering what we’re doing for you or want to see how we’re making decisions, you can easily look for yourself and see it all.

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