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Head of Marketing

Posted on 2020-04-12
Product Marketing
Quick Facts:
  • Experience: Mid-Level
  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: North America
About the opportunity:

We are looking for an experienced head of marketing as our first hire. This will be a career-defining marketing challenge. We're a distributed team, meaning we are open to candidates from anywhere in the US. The ideal candidate

-Has previous experiencing leading marketing at the earliest stages of a startup -Is both a strategic thinker and high-performing executor -Has personal experience freelancing -Has built thriving online communities -Has experience marketing a premium offering -Is comfortable working in a remote-first culture -Brings a diverse perspective to our team -We have bootstrapped the company for the last 10 months and are preparing to raise a pre-seed round in May. Ideally you would be agreeing to work unpaid - alongside founders David & Stefan - until we obtain this funding. However we realize this isn't feasible for some people and would still welcome applicants willing to join post-funding. -Salary will be negotiable at that point, with a strong incentive towards equity. We want all early members of our team to be "owners." We are both former top-tier freelancers building what needs to exist in this market - we really hope you are excited to join us in doing so!

About the company:

LifeWork is building the Freelancer Operating System to help top-tier freelancers save the hundreds of hours each year spent running their business. We help freelancers gain control of their income, access healthcare and benefits, and ultimately reach more clients.

Our first product streamlines the payment process between freelancer and client. We take an escrow-like approach, saving both parties hours in admin time normally spent processing invoices and 1099s and giving them more security with every payment. Freelancers get paid faster and more frequently, and their clients put down a lower up-front payment, which is vital in this current climate.

We are targeting top-tier freelancers in the US. This is a challenging segment to market to, given their distributed and individualistic nature. However, this also presents us with our greatest opportunity, and highlights the importance of this role. If we are able to build a community of top-tier freelancers around our platform then we will build an incredibly powerful and defensible position from day 1.

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