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Developer content and education

Posted on 2020-03-30
Quick Facts:
  • Experience: Mid-Level
  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: Anywhere
About the opportunity:

Helping developers solve their problems is at the center of what we do. Your role will consist of producing content for targeted open source communities to improve developers’ engagement with our time-series database. This content will fuel developer’s usage of QuestDB and establish the brand in the global developer community.

You do not have to be a database expert, but you should be able to carry through research while liaising with software engineers and product managers to understand the technicalities of our product and consequently write about it in an accurate and engaging way.

Your main responsibilities will include: • Participate in forming and executing the content strategy at QuestDB by leading article creation and publication.

• Research, write, edit and facilitate technical articles, blog posts, white papers and reports through a variety of channels, including QuestDB’s blog and social media.

• Work alongside the engineering and product team to absorb database related knowledge.

• Follow developer discussions, interactions and feedback on social media and our support channels such as Slack or Stack Overflow. Leverage this intel to produce content that developers will engage with and find useful.

• Track time-series database and wider data/analytics related discussions on specialised forums and channels (HN, Reddit, dZone, etc.) to discern and analyse the gaps in our content strategy.

• Maintain internal database related knowledge base content and improve it on a regular basis.


• 2+ years of experience in technical content creation, preferably for an open source project • Passionate about open source and the developer community • Database and SQL knowledge required • Excellent spoken and written English • Strong writing skills • Content marketing knowledge preferred

About the company:

Data is growing exponentially - 90% of the world's data was generated in the past 2 years alone. Not only is data growing, but also it is changing toward a stream of time stamped events. Time-series data is particularly powerful to explain historical trends over time and is by far the most popular data type today.

This explosive data growth requires a paradigm shift in database performance. QuestDB was founded by a low-latency trading team. Time-series and fast software are part of our DNA. Through QuestDB, companies can harness the power of real-time and big data processing in a wide array of industries.

QuestDB is backed by leading venture capital funds and headquartered in London and San Francisco with a globally distributed team.

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London, UK
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