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Marketing Coordinator

Posted on 2020-04-27
Quick Facts:
  • Experience: Mid-Level
  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: North America
About the opportunity:


-Strategic initiatives set by executive team and investors -Testing and implementing software and automation solutions to help with marketing, lead capture, sales, and service -Work on high-visibility projects (e.g. content marketing, community building, social media engagements) -Tracking and reporting of key enterprise metrics -Process development and automation across company to improve team leverage -Help build various needs, including: updating our WordPress site, coordinating influencers and events, creating content calendars, planning campaigns, community management, validating and adopting tech solutions, and reporting Competencies

-2-5 years of relevant experience -Highly analytical, detail-oriented and capable of working autonomously -Industrious and hard-working, capable of meeting tight deadlines in fast-moving environment -Creative and solutions-oriented for overcoming new types of challenges -Excellent communicator (written & visual presentation) -Strong interpersonal skills and ability to influence others -Great team player Benefits

-Competitive salary commensurate with your growing experience -Stock options in early-stage venture poised for scale -Medical, dental, vision coverage -401k Retirement Plan -Unlimited Paid Time Off -Employee referral bonus program -Awesome coworkers -Maternity and paternity plans

About the company:

Saturn Cloud provides a secure and scalable infrastructure for running data science and machine learning workloads within your AWS environment. Data teams can develop and deploy data science models in Python at scale with automated DevOps and ML infrastructure engineering.

Traditional methods for scaling and deploying Python involve multiple tools, multiple teams, and multiple programming languages. Saturn solves this by integrating the resources and frameworks for scalable Python as a managed service, so teams can focus on data science, and offload everything else.

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Saturn Cloud

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