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Online Marketing Account Manager (Hiring 2 People!)

Posted on 2020-04-07
Quick Facts:
  • Experience: Entry Level
  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: Anywhere
About the opportunity:

We offer marketing services in several broad categories including local marketing, search engine optimization, blog/content writing and modest Google ad campaigns ($1500-$3000 monthly budget). Clients sign up for one or more services to create their monthly marketing package (i.e. A bankruptcy attorney may sign up for 2 blogs, search optimization and local marketing. A family law firm may do Google Ads, 1 blog and local marketing). As an Online Marketing Account Manager, you will have a set assignment of 35-40 websites belonging to clients that have subscribed to our marketing services. These sites, and the clients, are your priority and will be your direct responsibility for the duration of their subscription with us, which is ideally forever. We are looking to be a proactive and long-term partner for our clients, based on their trust that we are constantly looking out for their best interests. In coordination with our team you’ll work directly on the client’s website to implement our services, make modifications and improvements, test out ideas, monitor site performance and develop strategy improvements. You’ll touch base with the client periodically by phone and email to discuss results and brainstorm on new ideas.

Our team includes:

  • A dedicated writer for each blogging account
  • Coding and graphic assistance from our web design team
  • Our content director to advise on content strategy

Discrete tasks that you’ll do as part of this job include:

  • Keyword and content research
  • Basic site optimization tasks (improve headings, fixing links, modify phrasing)
  • Monitoring rankings
  • Create an SEO roadmap for new clients
  • Publishing a blog post drafted by our team
  • Auditing the website for speed performance and implementing improvements
  • Responding to client questions
  • Generate new blog topic and content ideas
  • Modify the website to try a new idea
  • Create a performance report and send to client

In a typical day you’ll likely jump between several clients and do things like:

  • Publish a couple blog posts for different clients
  • Audit a website’s SEO issues and begin fixing problems
  • Respond to several client emails
  • Call a client to do a quarterly review
  • Update 2-3 websites with minor client requests
  • Roll out a new ad format for PPC accounts

Over the course of a month, the typical work on a single website will add up around 4 hours and may look like:

  • Publish new blog entry provided by writing team
  • Research competitors and modify keywords on site
  • Encourage client to solicit a few new client reviews
  • A/B testing of contact form placement
  • Test new ad copy and several new keywords in Google Ad campaign
  • Quarterly review call with client

Much of the work on our client sites is proactive and self-directed. We want our clients to know that we’re on top of things, thinking about their needs and regularly strategizing on ways to improve.


  • Previous experience managing SEO and PPC accounts.
  • Experience working with lawyers and the legal industry.
  • Experience interacting with clients directly.
  • Is able to express themselves clearly through writing and phone calls.
  • Ability to structure and document processes
  • Experience working remotely
  • Loves to plan and research new tactics to share with our team

Pay, Benefits and Details:

  • $60,000 yearly salary
  • Medical / Dental / Vision insurance (we cover 75%)
  • Performance bonuses
  • 100% remote but must have significant overlap with 9am-5pm EST workday. Can also work at our HQ in Ann Arbor, MI
  • Simple IRA retirement plan with 2% match
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Full-staff available to assist with miscellaneous tasks

To Apply

Please send a cover letter, resume and three references to We look forward to meeting you!

About the company:

About Us

The Modern Firm, LLC is a branding, website design and online marketing agency for solo and small firm attorneys throughout the US. In business for nearly 20 years, we have worked with 1000+ law firms covering nearly every state and have a dedicated team of 10 remote employees and another 10+ regular contractors. We’re headquartered out of Ann Arbor, MI but our team, while mostly in the Midwest, is from coast (North Carolina) to coast (Washington State). You can meet them here.

About Our Clients

We work with small law firms throughout the United States. The majority of our clients are solo to five-attorney firms. We go to great lengths to screen new clients and ensure that their needs and expectations are an overall good fit for our services and approach. Most of our clients are successful and established in their practice and are looking for a website to validate, enhance and further grow their firm. They are also typically overwhelmed with both being a lawyer and running a law firm. This is where we come in. When we are at our best we are essentially serving as their outsourced web and online marketing department, taking nearly everything related to their online presence off of their plate and onto ours. When we’re successful we are helping our clients get more fulfillment out of running their practice and enabling them to help more people.

About Our Websites

The sites we create are custom-built in Wordpress using a parent theme/framework we’ve specially developed for law firms. They are straightforward, fast and easy to navigate. They tell the firm’s story and give a feel for the attorney’s personality. In addition to validating and legitimizing the law firm to prospective clients, our websites serve as a primary marketing tool. When combined with our online marketing services the websites bring in a steady flow of prospective business. You can see examples here and on our portfolio.

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The Modern Firm

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