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Growth Marketer

Posted on 2020-04-12
Quick Facts:
  • Experience: Entry Level
  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: Africa
About the opportunity:

Carry1st creates and markets mobile games for African consumers. As an Ambassador, you will assist with a variety of growth initiatives - from promoting and selling credits for Carry1st's digital games (including the #1 game in Nigeria, Carry1st Trivia!), to signing up and training Retail Partners & other Ambassadors to market Carry1st products in your local community.

You will develop your skills in customer acquisition, sales and marketing, and learn how to build and manage large retail networks. We will provide you with a boot-camp to get you started and materials to help you sell. You can work on your own time.

This is a great position for someone that Is:

-Ambitious -Ready to learn -Wants to generate income -Has affinity for intellectual things -Possesses strong PR skills -Belong to large physical/ virtual communities (social media groups etc.) -Loves games and wants to be financially independent -At the end of the day, we’ll reward you for your results through cash and other amazing incentives.

What You’ll Do:

-Sign up and train partners -Educate partners on new initiatives -Create and share engaging content on your social media platforms Requirements What We’re Looking For:

-Highly motivated to earn cash and other freebies for outstanding performance -Popular among large network of friends and colleagues (you access to large social media groups such as Whatsapp groups among others) -Flexibility and adaptability; our business is growing fast and requires the ability to keep up with that pace -A passion for games and building digital communities -Superb organization and attention to detail Benefits -Cash benefits -Swag incentives -Demanding tasks with a high learning curve -We have fun!

About the company:

#1 mobile games publisher in Africa

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