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Remote Growth and Operations

Posted on 2020-04-27
Quick Facts:
  • Experience: Mid-Level
  • Position: Full-Time
  • Location: North America
About the opportunity:


-Priority Sales & Fundraising: Engage school networks/districts, philanthropists, foundations, social enterprises, parents, and CSR teams in signing up and sponsoring more schools to be able to use Better World Ed in their classrooms. In the early days of the role, there will be a heavy focus on sales to schools and networks/districts (for now, all remotely). -Marketing: Engage the world in learning about this work -- on a shoestring budget, digitally and virtually. We live in a time where this kind of curriculum is so incredibly important, and building awareness is key. How will you help us reach tens of thousands of educators and school leaders who have yet to hear that this work exists? -Operations: Support, lead, and grow our team over time. Build the systems to operate effectively and efficiently as we grow our classroom engagement into the thousands and as we further grow our content creation and curation.

About the company:

Social Emotional Learning Stories that are Globally Inclusive and Academic.

We create Learning Journeys: Kits of videos, short stories, and lesson plans about unique humans from all over our home (Earth).

Our Wordless Videos hook students on curiosity before judgment. Our Written Stories make academics real world and empathy-based. Our Lesson Plans make learning collaborative and inclusive.

Learning Journeys help you(th) to become compassionate critical thinkers. To reweave the fabric of our communities and our planet. To turn to one another. To move from head to heart. To be mindful leaders of change. To be peace.

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Better World Ed

US/New York
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